Artificial Rain In Delhi:how will it help to reduce pollution?

delhi weather today rain|is this artificial rain in delhi|artificial rain in delhi ncr:In an effort to combat the elevated air pollution levels in Delhi, the government is considering the use of cloud seeding to induce artificial rain this month. Environment Minister Gopal Rai held discussions with a team from IIT Kanpur on November 8 to investigate the possibility of introducing artificial rainfall in the city.

After the meeting, Gopal Rai indicated that if the skies remain overcast on November 20-21, Delhi could witness the implementation of artificial rainfall. This innovative approach aims to tackle the concerns related to the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the capital.

Artificial rain in Delhi

The residents of Delhi NCR woke up to a pleasant morning on Friday as the sky opened up and showered the city with light rain. The rain, which started on Thursday night, helped in clearing the air of the toxic pollutants that had choked the city for days. The rain was visible from various parts of the city, such as the Kartavya Path and the Delhi-Noida border, where the intensity ranged from light to moderate.

The rain came as a relief for the Delhi government, which had been exploring the option of ‘artificial rain’ to tackle the pollution crisis in the city. Officials said that the government had decided to conduct ‘artificial rain’ on Thursday to improve the air quality. The government had also deployed ministers to monitor the implementation of anti-pollution measures in the city.

is this artificial rain in delhi

Its purpose is to enhance rainfall in targeted regions or mitigate drought conditions. This intriguing method is employed to influence weather patterns for agricultural, environmental, and water resource management objectives.

Vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions, face heightened risks. Breathing the polluted air in Delhi is likened to smoking around 10 cigarettes a day, as noted by medical experts.

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