Pongal Gift Ration Shop 2024:Rs1000, 1Kg Rice, Sugar & Other Items List Check

Pongal Gift 2024 Tamil Nadu|TN Pongal Gift 2024|Pongal Gift 2024 Tamil nadu Price:The Tamil Nadu government has issued orders to distribute ‘Pongal Gift Hampers’ containing 1 kg of raw rice, 1 kg of sugar, and 1 sugarcane to ‘Rice’ card holders and Sri Lankan refugees living in camps across the state. The rice will be procured at a cost of Rs 32/kg, sugar at a cost of Rs 40/kg, and sugarcane at a cost of 32/stick. Around 2 crore and 19 lakh ration card holders will receive the hampers.

However, the announcement didn’t mention cash of Rs 1000 which was included in the Pongal gift hamper last year.State Chief Minister Mr. M.K. Stalin established the Pongal Gift in Ration Shop for state inhabitants. During the Pongal celebration, the state government provides ration supplies and cash to ration card holders. According to the notification, the state government will contribute one kilogram of sugar and one kilogram of cereals along with one thousand rupees. This is an excellent plan for next year’s Pongal festival. The Pongal Gift 2024 Scheme is available to all those who possess a ration card and have lived in the state for an extended period. The administration will shortly start implementing this plan.

Pongal Gift Ration Shop 2024

Tamil Nadu Pongal Gift Package List 2024 : Tamil Nadu government has a practice of giving Pongal gift package to ration card holders every year before Pongal festival. Last year, Rs.1000 cash was given as Pongal gift along with 1 kg of sweet rice, 1 kg of sugar and whole sugarcane. A similar Pongal collection was expected to be presented this year as well.

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government has announced that only 1 kg of sweet rice, 1 kg of sugar and whole sugarcane will be given in the Pongal gift package. No announcement has been made regarding the cash amount of Rs.1000. So, will the Pongal gift package include Rs.1000 cash? The question has arisen. The Tamil Nadu government is keeping silent about this.

An official release, quoting the chief minister, said Rs 1,000 cash will be distributed through fair price shops ahead of the festival to all ration cardholders as “Pongal gift,” except for Central and state government employees, Income Tax payers, those employed in public sector undertakings, sugar ration cardholders and those holding ration cards without any commodities.

pongal gift 2024 Tamil nadu price Details in Highlights

NamePongal Gift 2024
Introduced by the Tamil NaduGovernment of Tamil Nadu
StateTamil Nadu
BeneficiariesRation card Holders
BenefitsTo offer relief to the Tamil Nadu people
Cash Gift1000 Rupees
Other Items1 Kg rice and Sugar
Official Website

Tamilnadu pongal gift 2024

In the decree issued by the Tamil Nadu government regarding the Pongal gift package, “In the letters of the Executive Director of the Tamil Nadu Consumer Goods Trading Corporation, for the upcoming year 2024, all rice family card holders and families living in Sri Lankan Tamil rehabilitation camps will be given a package containing 1 kg of sweet rice, 1 kg of sugar and whole sugarcane each as a Pongal gift package on 31.10. As of 2023, the expenditure for 2,19,57,402 family cardholders will be approximately Rs.238,92 crore,” it said.

Since it is an order related to the purchase of goods, it does not contain any details regarding the payment of one thousand rupees in cash. It is said that the Government of Tamil Nadu is considering giving Rs.1000 and Chief Minister M.K.Stalin will make an announcement soon. As the Tamil Nadu government is facing financial crisis, it is said to be mobilizing funds for the Pongal gift package. 

Pongal Parisu 2024 Objective

Offering gifts and entertainment to Tamil Nadu locals throughout the festival season is the primary goal of this Pongal gift at Ration Shop. to encourage a more receptive attitude among the populace towards the state’s events. Additionally, assistance with festival preparation will be provided to the populace. The dates of the 2024 Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu are set for January 15 to January 18. Following that, the recipients of the gift baskets under this scheme will get them from the fair-price stores around the state. A budget of Rs. 2356 Crore has been granted by the government to carry out this project in the state. The ingredients included in this plan can be used to prepare the sweet dish served during the Pongal celebration.

Pongal Gift In Ration Shop 2024 Items List

The details of ration material and cash gifts provided to the citizens of the state through the Pongal Gift Scheme launched in the state of Tamil Nadu are as follows.

  1. 1000 Rupees in cash
  2. Rava
  3. Turmeric
  4. Flour
  5. Chilli powder
  6. Chasew nuts
  7. Dry grapes
  8. Jeera power
  9. Coriander powder
  10. Salt
  11. Mustered
  12. Oil.
  13. One cloth Bag.
  14. Rice.
  15. Sugar
  16. Jaggery
  17. Pepper
  18. Taramind
  19. Ghee
  20. cardamom
  21. Urd daal
  22. Moong daal

Features & Benefits of Tamil Nadu Pongal Gift Scheme 2024

Some of the key features and benefits of the Pongal Gift 2024 in Ration Shop are as follows:

  • This program is being held in observance of the state’s Pongal holiday.
  • Through this program, the Tamil Nadu state government is trying to gift its people.
  • The festivities are scheduled for January 15 to 18, 2024.
  • Financial support of Rs. 1000 is given to each beneficiary.
  • Approximately two crore families are among the beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria Of Tamil Nadu Pongal Gift Scheme 2024

To receive ration material and cash gifts provided through the TN Pongal Gift Scheme 2024 launched in the state of Tamil Nadu, the state government has set some eligibility for the citizens, the details of which are as follows.

  1. The beneficiary citizen should be a permanent citizen of Tamil Nadu state.
  2. The age of the beneficiary citizen should be more than 18 years.
  3. The beneficiary citizen must have a ration card.
  4. Citizens of Tamil Nadu state who want to avail the benefits of this scheme should have all the necessary documents related to this scheme.

Required Documents Of Pongal Gift In Ration Shop 2024

The details of the important documents that the citizens of the state will need to get Pongal gifts from ration shops through the Pongal Gift Scheme 2024 launched in the state of Tamil Nadu are as follows.

  1. family ration card
  2. Aadhar card
  3. identity card
  4. mobile number
  5. bank passbook
  6. passport size photo

TN Pongal Gift Scheme 2024 Apply Online

The details of the complete process for TN Pongal Gift Scheme 2024 Apply Online are as follows for the citizens of the state.

  1. Visit the official website released for this scheme,
  2. Click on the link of Pongal Gift In Ration Shop 2024 on the home page.
  3. Now on the next page, click on the option of Apply Online.
  4. On the next page, the TN Pongal Gift Scheme 2024 Application Form will open in front of you, in which enter all the required details correctly like name, ration card number, mobile number, etc.
  5. Now upload all the required documents.
  6. Finally, you click on the submit option.
  7. In this way, you will be able to easily complete the Pongal Gift In Ration Shop 2024 Registration.

How to Get Pongal Gift in Ration Shop 2024?

Any eligible citizen of Tamil Nadu state who wants to get a Pongal Gift in Ration Shop 2024 should follow this process and get a Pongal gift easily.

  1. Visit your nearest ration shop.
  2. Get information about Pongal Gift in Ration Shop 2024 from the employees or officers present at the shop.
  3. Now provide all the documents asked by them.
  4. Now the employees present there will provide you the token.
  5. Now you go to the distribution center on the given date and get your Pongal Gift 2024.
  6. In this way, you will be able to easily get a TN Pongal Gift in Ration Shop 2024.

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