Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting:Ramadan Moon Sighting

saudi ramadan chand 2024|Ramadan Moon in Saudi Arabia 2024:Usually, the crescent of Ramadan is first sighted in Saudi Arabia and some parts of India along with some Western countries and then usually a day later in the rest of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. The crescent moon of Ramadan 2024 is expected to be sighted in some parts of the world tonight i.e. March 10, 2024 with Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, US and Australia gearing up to mark the first fast of Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting tomorrow on Monday, March 11.

Ramadan may begin in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries a day later i.e. taraweeh from the evening of March 11 and first fast on March 12, Ramadan 1445 AH, depending upon the sighting of the crescent moon on March 11 evening after maghrib prayers.

Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting

The sighting of the crescent moon marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting. The exact timing of the moon sighting can vary depending on geographical location and local moon sighting traditions. The beginning of Ramadan 2024 is determined by the Islamic calendar which is based on the lunar cycle and is 29-30 days long.

The moon sighting before Ramadan, also known as Ramzan/Ramazan/Ramzaan, is a practice that is a traditional and essential aspect of the Islamic faith as it determines the commencement of the month of fasting from dawn until sunset along with acts of charity and worship. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam during which they abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, evil thoughts and action and having marital relations from dawn until sunset.

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar that takes place for 720 hours i.e. four weeks and two days during which the followers of Islam fast between dawn and sunset, pray for peace and guidance, give back to the community in the form of charity or zakaat or engage in humanitarian activities such as feeding the underprivileged and introspect to enlighten their souls. However, the fasting date changes yearly because the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle hence, its starting and end date depends upon the sighting of the crescent moon.

When Ramadan 2024 moon sighting is expected in India?

The crescent moon sighting is expected on March 10 in the Middle Eastern nations of Saudi Arabia and UAE, which means that Asian countries like India and Pakistan can expect the moon sighting on March 11 and the Ramadan fasting will begin on March 12.

Notably, Islam employs the lunar, or Hijri, calendar, distinct from the widely used solar or Georgian calendar worldwide. The Hijri calendar, with 354 days and rooted in the phases of the moon cycle, results in Ramadan being observed approximately ten or eleven days earlier each year in relation to the solar calendar.

In 2023, the sighting of the crescent moon in India occurred on March 24, marking the commencement of Ramadan 2023.

Saudi Arabia may begin fasting from THIS day

The Supreme Court in Saudi Arabia has issued directives and asked the people of the Kingdom to observe the sighting of the crescent moon of Ramadan 2024 on the evening of Sunday, March 10, 2024. The Muslims of the Kingdom are encouraged to see the crescent moon through binoculars and start the holy month of Ramadan 2024.

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