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adudam andhra ap gov in registration|adudam andhra registration dashboard:Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday launching 50-day ‘Adudam Andhra’ sports festival said that he was thrilled to announce the launching of biggest statewide sports tournament with matches held at every single Sachivalayam.

He said that the initiative was taken to ensure that youth have best opportunities and support to nurture their sporting talent. He appealed to the youngsters to participate in the sports festival to become the next sports champions of our country.

To ignite sports spirit among athletes and to encourage them for maintaining good health, the government is organising ‘Adudam Andhra’ sports competitions, informed district Collector Dr G Srijana.The 46-day competitions will be held from December 15 to February 3. The district administration has made all arrangements and all set to organise the sports competition, she added.

Adudam Andhra Apply Online

The Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority is making arrangements to organize a sports festival across the state under the name ‘Adudam Andhra’ with the aim of bringing to light the talented sportspersons in Andhra Pradesh. Let’s Play Andhra has started the registration process.. Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Badminton sports competitions are going to be held. Competitions will be held at village, ward secretariat, mandal, constituency, district and state levels.

Everyone above 15 years of age is eligible for registration.. 2.99 lakh matches and events will be organized in all five phases.The government is planning to organize competitions like cricket, volleyball, badminton, kabaddi, khokho, 3K marathon, yoga and tennikoit for boys and girls above 15 years of age. Also, competitions will be held in traditional sports in rural areas. SAP is creating a special activity to identify the sportspersons at the village and ward secretariat level so that they get better training. 

As a part of this, separate sports kits will be provided to boys and girls within the respective secretariats. Badminton rackets, rings, cricket kit and volleyballs will be provided. 26 districts are preparing a list of how many kits are required. This is the first statewide sports program organized by the Andhra Pradesh government under the name ‘Adudam Andhra’

adudam andhra ap gov in registration prize money

The winners will be given a prize money of Rs.12 crores. For cricket, volleyball, kabaddi and kho kho competitions, the prize money for the first place at the constituency level is Rs.35 thousand, the prize money at the district level is Rs.60 thousand, and the state level prize money is Rs.5 lakh. 30,000 and Rs.3 lakh at the state level.. Now, the third prize is Rs.5,000 at the constituency level, Rs.10,000 at the district level and Rs.2 lakh at the state level.

In the Badminton Doubles category, the first prize prize money has been fixed at Rs.20 thousand at the constituency level, Rs.35 thousand at the district level and Rs.2 lakh at the state level. The second prize is Rs. 10 thousand at the constituency level, Rs. 20 thousand at the district level, and Rs. 1 lakh at the state level. The third prize is Rs. 5 thousand, at the district level Rs.10 thousand and at the state level Rs.50 thousand. 

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Adudam Andhra Apply Online

The online registrations for participating in the statewide sports events started on Monday. Aspiring youth can register their names by calling 1902 or at their respective village and ward secretariats.

Interested sportspersons (boys and girls above 15 years) can register their names by visiting this official website –

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