Chief Minister Girl Child Protection Scheme:Apply Online,Eligibility

chief minister child protection scheme:India is a country where a girl child is still subjected to the century-old patriarchy. Therefore, our Government has implemented several schemes for a girl child to end gender discrimination.The Girl Child Protection Scheme is one such scheme that the Tamil Nadu government introduced in 1992. Keep reading to know the further details about this scheme.

hief Minister’s Girl Child Protection Scheme, introduced by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of TamilNadu in 1992, is a pioneering and path-breaking scheme for the welfare of girl child. The Girl Child Protection Scheme is aimed at preventing gender discrimination by empowering and protecting rights of girl Children through direct investment from Government.

chief minister girl child protection scheme

chief minister child protection scheme aims to:

  • Promote enrollment and retention of the girl child in school and to ensure her education at least up to intermediate level.
  • Encourage girls to get married only after the age of 18 years.
  • Encourage parents to adopt family planning norm with two girl children.
  • Protect the rights of the girl child and provide social and financial empowerment to girl child.
  • Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of the girl child.

Mode of Deposits under the Scheme


An amount of Rs. 50,000 is deposited in the name of the girl child in the form of fixed deposit with the Tamil Nadu Power Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, for a family with one girl child only. The copy of the fixed deposit receipt is given to the family of the girl child.


An amount of Rs. 25,000 is deposited in the names of two girl children in the form of fixed deposit with Tamil Nadu Power Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, for a family with two girl children only. The copy of the fixed deposit receipt is given to the family of the girl children.

The above deposit is renewed at the end of every 5 years and on completion of 18 years of age the amount deposited along with interest will be given to the girl child. To get this benefit, the girl child should appear for 10th standard public examination. Thus, the matured amount will help the girl child to pursue her higher education.

An annual incentive of Rs.1800 is given to the girl child every year from the 6th year of deposit in order to meet education expenses.

For this scheme, the Annual income limit is fixed as Rs.72,000 and the upper age limit for undergoing sterilization by either of the parents has been fixed as 40 years.

SchemeAmount of Initial DepositMaturity Amount after 18 Years
Scheme 1₹ 50,000₹ 3,00,232
Scheme 2₹ 25,000 (for each girl child)₹ 1,50,117 (for each girl child)

chief minister’s girl child protection scheme eligibility

  • Applicant’s family must have an annual income below ₹ 72,000.
  • The parents of the girl child must not have any boy child.
  • Family of a girl child must enrol her in any educational institution.
  • The girl should be unmarried.

What Are the Documents Required to Apply for this Scheme?

Below are the necessary documents required to apply for this scheme –

  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration card
  • Family income certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Community certificate
  • Medical certificate of sterilization
  • Certificate for not having a male child, issued by Tahsildar
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Family photo

How To Apply For Chief Minister’s Girl Child Protection Scheme

The parents must meet the following officers with all required documents to apply for the scheme:

  • District Social Welfare Officers
  • Child Development Project  Officer
  • Extension Officers (Social Welfare)
  • Rural Welfare Officers (Women)
  • District Programme Officer

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