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London Book Fair 2024 tickets price|London Book Fair 2024 dates:The London Book Fair (LBF) stands as a global epicenter for the expansive publishing community, fostering relationships, gathering insights, and shaping the trajectory of creative content across diverse platforms.In its nascent stages in 1971, the fair emerged as the Specialist Publishers’ Exhibition for Librarians at the Berners Hotel near Oxford Street. However, the transformation into “The London Book Fair” occurred in 1977, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution into an indispensable fixture on the international book trade calendar.

Fast forward to the present day, the fair comprehensively represents the global publishing landscape. Seamlessly integrating major publishing houses with the smallest independents, it creates a dynamic space encompassing the full spectrum of literary output. From monumental works like blockbuster novels and academic texts to nuanced realms such as children’s books and graphic novels, the LBF serves as a platform where diversity in publishing thrives.

London Book Fair 2024

Moreover, the fair’s significance extends beyond its physical presence; its influence resonates throughout the entire international publishing industry. Attendees, ranging from established giants to emerging entities, converge to engage in a dialogue that transcends borders and genres. This gathering not only solidifies existing relationships but also sparks new connections, fostering a collaborative ethos integral to the vitality of the global literary community.

As the LBF continues to evolve, it remains at the forefront of anticipating trends and innovations in the ever-changing landscape of publishing. Serving as a compass, it guides industry professionals toward a future where creativity and storytelling flourish on a global scale. With its rich history and forward-thinking approach, the London Book Fair remains a cornerstone event, influencing the trajectory of the international publishing community.

London Book Fair 2024

London Book Fair 2024 is a global trade fair dedicated to story creators, the publishing world and the industry’s spring chapter. The next edition of the event will be held from the 12th to the 14th of March at Olympia London. According to the forecasts many international exhibitors and trade visitors will attend the expo.

London Book Fair 2024 will provide countless business opportunities to expand your professional network. Due to its strategic placement in the time frame of the business season, the expo will enrich the international market scene in the branch. This will be aided by ten exhibition sections that make the product browsing and sourcing even easier:

  • Trade(Consumer) publishing
  • Children’s and Young adult
  • Academic and professional
  • Technology and publishing solutions
  • Bookselling
  • Creative industries
  • Authors and self-publishing
  • Writer’s block
  • The illustrator’s gallery
  • International rights centre

These countless purchasing, networking and contracting possibilities will create a unique atmosphere that will enable the promising start-ups to gain experience. The main program will be aided by seminars, conferences, award shows and charity events.

Registration dates & pricing (all prices are inclusive of VAT)

Standard tickets (available from 1 January – 15 February 2024)

  • 1-day  £69.60
  • 3-day  £86.40
  • Writers’ Summit  £210
  • Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum Conference  £246

Student tickets (available from 13 November 2023)

  • 1-day Student (for 14 March only)  £12
  • 3-day Student – £24

London Book Fair 2024 Ticket Options

1-dayThis includes access to 1 day of the fair and any of the seminar sessions.Please note that 1-day tickets are non-transferable and can only be used for the specific day you have booked. If you are unable to attend on the day you booked, you will be required to purchase a new ticket.These tickets do not include access to our Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum Conference or Writers’ Summit.

3-dayThis flexible ticket option includes access to all 3 days of the fair and any of the seminar sessions.These tickets do not include access to our Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum Conference or Writers’ Summit.

Students:Students can purchase a 1-day or a 3-day ticket. Please note that the 1-day ticket is for Thursday 14 March 2024 only.Please note that the Student tickets do not include access to our Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum Conference or Writers’ Summit.

Media Pass“You can apply for a media pass here.


Writers’ Summit

Monday 11 March 2024, Novotel London West

  • Access to all 3 days of the fair is included your ticket price for the Writers’ Summit.
  • Please note that Writers’ Summit is held away from London Olympia.
  • Ticket price is £198 (incl. VAT)

Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum Conference

Thursday 14 March 2024, Olympia Room, Olympia

  • Access to all 3 days of the fair is included in your ticket price for RSPF.
  • Ticket price is £234 (incl. VAT)

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