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promobot application;promobot company face apply:Philadelphia-based robot manufacturer is willing to offer $200,000, roughly Rs 1.5 crore, to anyone willing to give the rights to their face forever. The Promobot Company is designing and developing robots as assistants for shopping malls, hotels, and other crowded places.Your face could make you a millionaire if you are willing to sell its rights to a tech company. We’re not kidding.

A tech company, gearing up to launch a new line of robots, wants their creations to have friendly faces like humans. For this reason, they are now looking for humans to lend their facial features for the new batch of machines.

For their humanoid robot assistant, the company is looking for a “kind and friendly” face, and they have launched the offer of Rs.1.5 crore for a person who is willing to sell the rights to use their face “forever.” The robot that will be developed with someone’s face will start operations from 2023, and the first order is given to an American company offering solutions to retail stores, shopping malls, and even airports, according to the press release.

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Our company is developing technologies in the field of speech & facial recognition, autonomous navigation, and artificial intelligence, among other areas of robotics. We have been actively building and supplying humanoid robots to the market. Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project,” the official website said. The Promobot Company is looking for a face with age and gender no bar.

The press release mentioned, “The condition regarding appearance is set due to the project specifics as the robot will function as a consultant within crowded places. Gender and age do not matter.” It added that if anybody is interested and is considering their offer, they can visit the official website and register candidacy by filling a questionnaire on it.

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Name of the CompanyPromobot Robotics Firm
Cost offered by the Firm To Use the FaceRupees 1.5 Crore
sensible humanoid robots which Work in Roles likefacial, autonomous navigation, autonomous navigation, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, etc.
Article ForPromobot Company Face Apply – Promobot Face Registration 2023
CategoryApply Online
Registration ModeOnline

Giving your face to a robot may sound like something out of a Black Mirror episode, but it could soon become a reality.Promobot is looking for a face for their next humanoid robot, which will be available in hotels, shopping centers, and airports starting in .The firm is giving the brave volunteer a whopping £150,000 ($200,000) in exchange for transferring the rights to use their face indefinitely.Promobot is a robot manufacturer headquartered in New York that is noted for its eerily accurate humanoid robots.

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promobot company face apply

Promobot said they will pay £1,50,000 to anyone who agrees to hand over the rights to their face, adding they are looking for a ‘kind and friendly’ appearing person.The company said they will be open to applications from all races and genders. The only condition is that the applicant must be over the age of 25.In the first stage, the winning applicant will need to take a 3D model of their face and body for the robot’s external features.

Once that is done, they will need to ‘dictate at least 100 hours of speech material’ to copy the voice.In the last stage, the applicant will have to ‘sign a license agreement’ that allows ‘the use of your appearance for an unlimited period’.In other words, the applicant will have to sell the digital or print use of his face for an unlimited period.

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promobot company face apply online

  • promobot robot face application From to click offical website
  • Send us a partnership proposal. Tell us about yourself, your company, and how do you see your partnership with Promobot.
  • Wait for the response. We will get back to you in the next 5 workdays.
  • Sign partnership documents.
  • You will receive an email confirming your application and they will update you further.

How can I apply for Promobot?

First you have to visit the official website of the Promobot company. Email and other details along with the message of why you think you are the right fit.. You will get an email verifying that your application was received, and they will continue to keep you updated.

Where can I sell my face for robot?

Promobot, a robot manufacturing company, is choosing a candidate whose likeness would become the new face and voice for a new humanoid robot the company is planning to create.

How much does Promobot cost?

Partners rent robots for forums, exhibitions, expos and other events. The average rental cost of Promobot robot for a day is 1000$ for Promobot V. 2 and 2000$ for Promobot V. 4.

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