Telangana Bus Strike:Bus Strike in Telangana Latest News

bus strike in telangana|bus strike in telangana latest news:RTC rental bus owners are facing quite a few issues and they have announced to go on strike from January 5 if their demands are not addressed immediately.

This time it is the Maha Lakshmi scheme which is bothering the owners the most as it causing overcrowding and potential mileage issues.  Maha Lakshmi scheme offers free bus travel service in TSRTC for women in Telangana.Owners of buses hired by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation have agreed to suspend their proposed strike, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation said on Thursday.

Hire bus owners met Transport Minister Ponnam Prabhakar to inform him of certain issues, including those that arose after the introduction of the Mahalakshmi scheme for women which saw a surge in the number of passengers.

Telangana Bus Strike

TSRTC rental bus owners have decided to go on strike from January 5 if their concerns are not promptly addressed by the Telangana government.The key concerns raised by TSRTC rental bus owners include overcrowding, which they claim will lead to mileage issues.

Another significant concern is related to insurance coverage. They fear that if bus limits are exceeded and accidents happen, they might face severe financial losses due to insufficient coverage.The owners also didn’t take part in the recently held tender by TSRTC, calling for maintenance of rented buses.

bus strike in telangana latest news

The bus owners said that the rental buses would run as usual from tomorrow and clarified that there would be no strike from tomorrow. The TSRTC MD also announced that free bus service for women would also be available for Sankranti. He said special services would also be deployed to absorb the festive rush.

Speaking after the media, the rental bus owners said that they had brought the five issues to the notice of Sajjanar and stated that the MD responded positively. They announced that the TSRTC promised to solve the problems within January 10 and called off their strike.

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