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Mahalakshmi Scheme in Telangana Eligibility:The Congress Party just released their platform for the upcoming election. They have pledged to implement six programmes if they win power in this manifesto. Among those six schemes is the Mahalakshmi scheme. The ladies of the state will receive cash help through this programme.

the Congress Party unveiled its election manifesto, outlining six key programs they intend to implement if victorious. Among these initiatives is the Mahalakshmi scheme, aimed at providing financial assistance to women in Telangana. This article breaks down the highlights, objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, required documents, and steps to apply for the TS Mahalakshmi Scheme.

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2024

Rahul Gandhi made the announcement to start the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme. They announced their election manifesto on September 18, 2023, and this plan is included in it. Under this plan, the party has pledged to offer the state’s women a variety of financial and social security benefits should they win political power. The women will receive monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2,500 under the Mahalakshmi Scheme.

In addition, a petrol cylinder under the initiative would be given for Rs 500. In the RTC buses, women will also be entitled to free transportation. The goal of this programme is to help women’s social and economical circumstances. Women will also become independent as a result of this plan’s implementation.

Key Highlights Of Mahalakshmi Scheme 2024

Name of the schemeTelangana Mahalakshmi Scheme
Launched byCongress Party
BeneficiaryWomen of the state
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance
Official websiteTo be launched soon
Mode of applicationOnline and offline

Mahalakshmi scheme Telangana 2500 rupees

The Maha Lakshmi scheme of the new Congress government in Telangana providing free travel facility to girls, women of all age groups and transgender persons in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) buses has taken off well with a huge response.

Rahul Gandhi announced the launch of the Telangana Mahalakshmi Initiative, which was included in their election manifesto released on September 18, 2023. The party has committed to offering various financial and social security benefits to the women of the state if they come to power. Under this plan, women will receive a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2,500 through the Mahalakshmi Scheme.

Furthermore, the initiative includes the provision of a subsidized petrol cylinder for Rs. 500. Women will also enjoy free transportation on RTC buses. The program’s objective is to improve the social and economic conditions of women, promoting their independence and reducing their reliance on others for daily expenses.

Benefits of the Mahalakshmi Scheme

  • Congress party in its election manifesto has announced to launch Telangana Mahalakshmi scheme
  • Under the scheme, various kinds of benefits will be provided to the women of the state
  • Congress Party has promised to provide financial assistance of Rs 2500 per month to the women of the state if they come into power
  • Other than that the gas cylinders will also be provided at a subsidised rate of Rs 500
  • Women will also be entitled to free travel on the RTC buses
  • This scheme will improve the financial status of the women
  • Other than that the women will also become self-dependent

The Benefits Summarized

In summary, if the Congress Party triumphs in the Telangana elections, the Mahalakshmi Scheme promises the following benefits for women in the state:

  • Financial Assistance of Rs. 2,500 per month for all eligible women beneficiaries.
  • Provision of one gas cylinder per month at a nominal cost of Rs. 500.
  • Free and convenient travel in TRTC buses across Telangana.

Mahalakshmi 2500 scheme telangana eligibility

The applicants applying for the scheme must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Following its introduction, it is anticipated that female ministers and MLAs will ride in the buses.
  • The free programme is valid on City Ordinary, Express, Metro Express, and Palle Velugu buses beginning on Saturday afternoon.
  • The service is available to all women who are State citizens, meaning that they must only be Telangana residents.

Required Documents

Some of the important documents required for the scheme are as follows:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Aadhar card
  • Residence certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number, etc

How to Apply Online Under Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2024

Telangana Mahalakshmi scheme has not been launched yet. If the Congress party comes into power then they will launch the Mahalaxmi scheme. If this scheme is launched then the application process will be as follows:-

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Telangana Mahalakshmi scheme
  • The home page will appear on your screen
  • On the home page, you are required to click on the Telangana Mahalakshmi scheme
  • Now application form will appear on your screen
  • In this application form, you have to enter all the required details
  • Now you have to upload all the required documents
  • After that, you have to click on submit
  • By following this procedure you can apply under the Telangana guarantee scheme

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