Telangana Traffic Challan Discount:Huge relief of up to 90% on pending traffic challans

Telangana Traffic Challan Payment|telangana e challan payment|ts traffic challan payment:The Telangana government on Tuesday issued a notice allowing citizens to pay pending challans at only a percentage of the original value. The government has launched a scheme under which it is offering 60 to 90 per cent discounts to the people on their traffic challan orders.

Telangana’s new government has announced huge discounts on pending traffic challans.As per the scheme, individuals with outstanding challans against their vehicles now have the opportunity to settle them through a one-time payment from December 26 to January 10.

In a generous move, the government is providing a 90 percent discount for push carts, requiring owners to pay only 10 percent of the challan amount, with the remaining 90 percent being waived off. This same discount is extended to RTC (Road Transport Corporation) drivers.

telangana traffic challan discount

The order said, “Telangana State, Hyderabad has stated that in recent years, e-Challan pendency is in huge numbers and due to Covid-19 pandemic many of the vehicle owners have not paid e-Challans. Same time contact and non-contact enforcement was done, and large number of Traffic Challans were imposed. The huge pendency clearance is very difficult.

For two-wheelers and three-wheelers, there is an 80 percent waiver on the challan amount. In the case of cars, other light motor vehicles, trucks, and other heavy motor vehicles, a 60 percent discount is applicable.This initiative aligns with the Congress party’s election manifesto promise to ease the financial burden on vehicle owners by offering discounts on traffic challans.

To take advantage of this opportunity, individuals are encouraged to visit the Telangana traffic e-challan website, where they can check pending challans against their vehicles and make the discounted payments online. It is estimated that approximately two crore traffic challans are pending across the state.

Waiver On Challan For RTC Drivers

The government has offered a 90 per cent discount in respect of push carts. The owners will have to pay only 10 per cent of the challan amount while the remaining 90 per cent will be waived off. The same discount is offered for RTC drivers.

Waiver For 2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers, & 4-Wheelers

For two-wheelers and three-wheelers, 80 per cent of the challan amount is waived off. The discount in case of cars and other light motor vehicles and trucks and other heavy motor vehicles is 60 per cent.

6 Guarantee Scheme Apply Online

telangana traffic challan payment

1) Log on to the Telangana traffic e-challan portal.

2) Enter the vehicle details and all pending challans against the vehicle would be displayed on a side.

3) Click on pay and you would be redirected to the payment portal where you would be asked to pay the discounted amount.

4) The sum total of pending traffic challans would be displayed as usual and depending on the kind and model of vehicle, the discount amount would be available.

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