Who is Evicted From Bigg Boss 17 Today:Check Evicted List

is Abhishek Evicted From Bigg Boss|is Samarth Evicted From Bigg Boss 17:Many fans of the actor turned to social media to show their support for Abhishek after hearing about the actor’s eviction through internet sources. Rumor has it that in the upcoming episode, Abhishek will make a comeback to the house. 

As Bigg Boss 17 inches closer to its finale on January 28, the reality show is heating up with unexpected twists. The recent shocker comes with the elimination of contestant Abhishek Kumar due to a physical altercation with fellow housemate Samarth Jurel. With Abhishek’s exit, the house now has 9 contestants vying for the coveted title.

who is evicted from bigg boss 17 today

Bigg Boss Season 17 host, superstar Salman Khan is not happy with Samarth Jurel. In the promo released by the makers on Instagram, Salman can be seen schooling Samarth aka Chintu. It happened after Abhishek Kumar was evicted due to a physical altercation with Samarth. The video opens with Salman saying, “Koi poke kiye jaaye, din bhar, raat bhar, kaun kitna lega yarr? [Someone keeps poking all day and night, who will tolerate it?]” Pointing at Samarth’s girlfriend, Isha Malviya, Salman asks, “Isha, agar aap Abhishek hote, Samarth aapke saath yeh karta, to aap kya karti? [Isha, if you were in Abhishek’s place, what would you do?]” In a no-nonsense response, Isha declared, “Maarti sir. [I would hit, sir.]”

Not missing a beat, Salman Khan continued, “Abhishek ne galat kiya hai. Samarth kya tumne uske saath sahi kiya hai? [Abhishek was wrong. Samarth, did you do the right thing with him?]” Samarth Jurel replied, “Mujhe meri strength pata tha ki mai kya bolke use trigger kar sakta hu.[I knew my strength and I knew what would trigger him.]”

Salman Khan added, “End result aapko yahi chahiye tha na ki vop haath uthaye. To yeh planned tha? [You wanted Abhishek Kumar to hit you. So, was this planned?]”

The caption of the video read, “Kaun tha galat aur kaun tha zyaada galat, aaj #WeekendKaVaar mein Salman lenge gharwalon ki class. [Who was wrong and who was more wrong, today on #WeekendKaVaar, Salman will take the housemates to task.]”

Samarth Jurel To Get Eliminated From Bigg Boss 17?

According to latest voting trends, Samarth is in the bottom with the least number of votes, while Munawar Faruqui is leading with the highest. If a second elimination occurs this week, all eyes are on Samarth Jurel, who might be at risk of leaving the Bigg Boss house. Let’s wait and see.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Online Today Result

Abhsihek Kumar is evicted

In the new teaser promo shared by the makers on their social media accounts, Bigg Boss was seen asking Ankita Lokhande, “Aap bataiye, Abhishek ne jo galti ki hain… uski kya saza honi chahiye (After the mistake that Abhishek has done, what should be his punishment)?” To this, Abhishek is seen requesting her not to show him the door. Ankita, who looks solemn, then responds: “Bigg Boss, Abhishek ko ye ghar chod kar jaana chahiye (Bigg Boss, Abhishek should leave the house).”

Abhishek is then seen requesting Bigg Boss that he does not want to leave the game. Bigg Boss announces that the decision of the captain is final, so his journey in the house has now come to and end. As he prepares to leave the house at the end, the rest of the contestants are seen bidding an emotional farewell. Mannara Chopra and Ayesha Khan were seen in tears.

Abhishek’s eviction did not sit well with many fans on social media, who said it was unfair. Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula commented: “Whattttt!” One fan comment read: “Samarth and Isha should be thrown out too in that case!” Another wrote, “We want him back… he does not deserve to go.” “Who is she to decide this all?” asked another user in the comments.

Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel’s argument

It all happened in an earlier episode where Isha and Samarth were seen teasing Abhishek. Isha called Abhishek ‘mental bhopu’ and he said, “Tere pyaar mein he mental tha main. Tune mujhe mental karke chod diya (I was crazy in love with you. You gave me mental issues).” Then, Isha said that everyone saw Abhishek pretending to be claustrophobic the other day and told him to break the TV if he was so angry. He was trying to speak, when Samarth put a paper into his mouth. Abhishek threw the paper away and turned around to smack Samarth across the face.

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