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Double Decker Bus Coimbatore:As a part of the 16th edition of Coimbatore Vizha, the organizers have brought back the iconic double decker bus rides for the people to enjoy the breezy evenings traveling in the open deck of the buses.The buses were unveiled on Sunday at V O C Park gate. This time, the organizers have brought not just one but two double decker buses.The buses, dubbed ‘Double Takkar 3.0’, were first introduced during the 10th edition of the Vizha, and again in the 11th edition.

As a part of the 16th edition of the Coimbatore Vizha to be held next month, organisers of the event unveiled two double-decker buses at VOC Park here on Sunday, bringing back the ‘Double Takkar 3.0’ rides for people to experience the city from a “bird’s eye view”.The buses were flagged off by Collector Kranthi Kumar Pati and Commissioner of City Police V. Balakrishnan. “People will now get to see Coimbatore from a different perspective,” Mr. Pati said.

coimbatore vizha double decker bus booking online

To prioritise safety, only 30 passengers will be allowed to board each bus at a time. “One of the buses was used by the Indian cricket team after winning the 2011 ICC World Cup,” said S. Nishant, co-chairperson of Coimbatore Vizha.There was huge demand for the bus rides during those editions and the buses did multiple sorties everyday offering the passengers a beautiful view of the city.The bus journeys have begun from Sunday and would be operated till January 8, 2024, when curtains come down on Coimbatore Vizha.

As a part of the 16th edition of Coimbatore Vizha (2.1.24 to 8.1.24), the Vizha organizers have brought back the iconic Double Decker Bus Rides for the citizens here to celebrate the Spirit of Coimbatore.This time, the organizers unveiled not just 1 but 2 Double Decker Buses on Sunday (24.12.23) at VOC Park Gate for the Coimbatore Vizha Celebrations.

double decker bus coimbatore

The Double Decker bus, colloquially called ‘Double Takkar 3.0’ was first introduced during the 10th edition of the Vizha, and again in the 11th edition. These rides became iconic part of the Coimbatore Vizha, and had a huge demand from the citizens.

The Vizha’s organizers shared that the buses will be running on the streets of Coimbatore for an extended period of time from 24th December 2023 to 8th January, 2024.

coimbatore vizha double decker bus booking online

Those who book the rides via the dedicated mobile app can enjoy the beautiful view of our city just like how the passengers in other top metro cities across the world do.

Each bus has 30 seats, and they will be running on the streets of Coimbatore from various locations starting from VOC park gate for the first couple of days and then moving on to other locations in the city which can be safely accessed by the Double Takkar 3.0

More details on the routes and timings will be available on the app. The link for the app will be provided and citizens can download the app and make their bookings.The Bus rides are totally free. The only thing is people have to book the rides to enjoy the travel.

Guidelines for Double Takkar 2024:

Booking is permitted only using the app. There is no spot booking.

Booking confirmation and ID proof is mandatory for passengers to board the bus.

Entry pass cannot be rescheduled and is non-transferable.

Please be present 15 minutes before the departure time; failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation for your booking.

Boarding closes 10 minutes before departure.

There are no seat numbers, seating location is on first come first serve basis.

Passengers have to follow the guidelines and instructions as informed by the organisers before every trip.

For the safety of other passengers, organisers reserve the right to de-board passengers not complying with the instructions.

Children below age 10 will have to be strictly accompanied by an adult. A separate seat will be given to children above 7 years of age only.

The bus is a non-commercial social initiative. The organisers are not liable to any compulsion to run the service if any unavoidable situations arise.

Food and drink are strictly not permitted.

Only backpacks and purses are allowed as carry-on luggage; other types of baggage are not permitted on board.

The link to the mobile app is :

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